April 2018
As the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba and its 14 Communities of Service gather around a common table to share and optimize their resources with a view of better meeting the needs of their clients, CHCM is pleased to offer you
a new electronic resource:


Learn more about the Corporation’s inspiring projects and those of its Communities of Service, upcoming events, success stories, and the values at the heart of the CHCM family and part of the legacy left to us by our Sister leader predecessors: compassion, solidarity, serving others and celebrating life.

In each edition, CHCM also invites you to reflect on a given topic with a focus on compassion. Today’s newsletter explores loneliness, a source of suffering in our world. Through a series of real life examples, you will see how CHCM and its Communities of Service reach out to others, extending love and compassion to alleviate loneliness.

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Loneliness - Let's Talk About It

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” 

― Dorothy DayThe Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist

St.AmantInvaluable connections


Invaluable connections

"The time volunteers spend with the persons supported by St.Amant and the special connections they create, which are different from what they might have with their families or staff, are invaluable. It's lovely to see. It helps us combat the loneliness felt by our persons supported by St.Amant, loneliness that can really bring them down, and it creates a culture in which people put themselves in their place and think about what they are going through. That puts them front and centre." John Leggat, president and CEO of St.Amant
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News from the Corporation


The Optimization Project

CHCM’s Communities of Service are sharing their work in order to better serve their population. Daniel Lussier, CEO of CHCM, explains.

Annual Report 2016-2017

Click here for CHCM’s 2016-2017 Stewardship Accountability Report, and learn more about the various and successful projects led by the Corporation.
Morberg HouseWelcomed and supported in their own neighbourhood

Morberg House

Welcomed and supported in their own neighbourhood

"I moved into Morberg House because I had nowhere else to go at that time. They gave me food and a roof over my head. I was able to stabilize myself mentally and see a family doctor for a psychiatric assessment and adapted assistance. Today, my situation is stable. I have an apartment and a cellphone, and I pay my own bills." Austin Saunders, former Morberg House resident
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“Taking part in the Compassion Project taught me to listen to my heart, mind and body, and to be more responsive to others. Everyone should take advantage of this kind of training.”

Francine Deroche, Vice-Chair, St.Amant Board of Directors

WCB Awards a $169,000 Research & Workplace Innovation Grant to the Compassion Project

Dr. Michael McIntyre, neuropsychologist

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Being morally resilient in the midst of complexity

Being morally resilient in the midst of complexity

In a society where health and social services become more and more complex, it is easy to let oneself be overwhelmed. Guided by Dr. Cynda Rushton, don't miss this opportunity to learn how to become morally resilient and compassionate in order to prevent burnout!
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Caring for the spirit

Caring for the spirit

Don’t miss our next inspiring lecture on the importance of spiritual care in a person’s overall care, facilitated by Dr. Christina Puchalski and Dr. Shane Sinclair!
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